Overall Benefits

Build It Green’s certification increases your credibility and differentiates you in the marketplace. It signifies that you are actively learning and growing to learn best practices in residential design and construction, and are credible in understanding and educating others on the green building framework. Certified Green Building Professionals and GreenPoint Raters and Advisors are respected throughout the industry. Your certification is also required for you to be listed in the Certified Professional Directory, which allows homeowners, architects, and builders the ability to find green building professionals like you.

With a GreenPoint Rated certification you also gain access to valuable tools and resources for conducting ratings, exclusive GreenPoint Rated webinars, and updates through the GreenPoint Rated eNewsletter. 

What are the Requirements?

To become an active member and be listed in our Certified Professionals Directory, we require the following:

1. Attend a Build It Green Training program and earn certification in at least one of the following: Certified Green Building Professional, GreenPoint Rater for New Home, Existing Home Single Family, and/or Existing Home Multifamily. First-year membership is included.

2. Annually submit required Continuing Education Units (CEU) based on your certification level. One hour of green building education typically equals one CEU.

Certified Green Building Professional or GreenPoint Rated Advisor
GreenPoint Rater
Continuing Education Units

3. GreenPoint Raters Only – Complete the online GreenPoint Rated Certification Renewal Exam to ensure proper understanding of the GreenPoint Rated program and applicable program changes or updates.

4. Pay the annual membership fee. 

Build It Green membership can be managed, upgraded, or renewed through the Build It Green membership portal

Membership Tiers



More on Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Unless stated otherwise by the provider, CEUs are typically granted as one unit for every one hour of instruction.
  • CEUs must be completed within 12 months of the certification expiration date or the date of renewal, if certifications have already expired.
  • CEUs are only awarded for advanced building training that are related to one or more aspects of high performance buildings or green building. Topics can include energy, water, resource efficiency, indoor air quality, community design, etc.
Earning CEUs through Build It Green

Depending on the type of certifications you hold and your background, you may receive CEUs by signing up for Build It Green trainings. Visit the Event Calendar to sign up for upcoming events. We also have on-demand courses in our Learning Management System (LMS) library. You will need to create a free account to access these courses.

Earning CEUs from Other Providers

There are other on-line and in-person trainings that can count towards your CEU requirements, including expos and conference sessions. There are pre-approved PG&E Energy Learning Center courses available that can be found HERE. Please contact Build It Green to see if specific trainings qualify.

How Long Does Renewal Take Once Everything is Submitted?
Once you have submitted all of the requirements for renewal through your membership portal, the review and approval process takes up to two days. If all requirements are met, Build It Green will automatically update your directory listing and send you a confirmation email. Please contact membership@builditgreen.org if you have any questions or concerns.
Other Questions?